Calathea Orbiflora 80cm

Calathea Orbiflora 80cm

160,000 FCFA

The Calathea Orbiflora 80cm is an elegant and refreshing houseplant. Its large, round, vibrant leaves have a unique and captivating pattern, creating a striking visual effect. Easy to maintain, it prefers bright locations and high humidity. It also purifies the air, creating a healthy and calming environment. Perfect for all plant lovers.

Discover the exquisite beauty of the Calathea Orbiflora 80cm, an indoor plant that will bring a touch of elegance and freshness to your living space. With its large, round, vibrant leaves, this tropical plant is a true masterpiece of nature.

The Calathea Orbiflora is known for its unique and captivating pattern on its leaves, which resembles an abstract painting. The bright, contrasting colors, from dark green to creamy white, create a striking visual effect that is sure to catch everyone's eye.

In addition to its aesthetic beauty, this plant is also very easy to care for. It prefers bright places, but without direct exposure to the sun. It also likes high humidity, making it a great choice for bathrooms or kitchens.

Calathea Orbiflora is not only a decorative plant, but it also helps purify the air by absorbing toxins and releasing oxygen. It thus creates a healthy and soothing environment, conducive to relaxation and well-being.

Whether you are a plant lover or a gardening novice, the Calathea Orbiflora 80cm is an ideal choice for adding a touch of lush nature to your home. Treat yourself to this magnificent plant and let yourself be seduced by its exotic beauty and timeless charm.


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