Ctenanthe Oppenheimiana 24Ø 100cm

Ctenanthe Oppenheimiana 24Ø 100cm

88,000 FCFA

Discover the beauty of Ctenanthe Oppenheimiana, a sophisticated and charming houseplant. Its oval green leaves are adorned with silver and purple patterns, creating a captivating contrast. Easy to maintain and resistant, this plant will bring a touch of nature to your living space. Order now to transform your interior into a haven of peace.

Discover the exquisite beauty of Ctenanthe Oppenheimiana, an indoor plant that will add a touch of sophistication and charm to your living space. With its lush foliage and unique patterns, this plant is a true masterpiece of nature.

Ctenanthe Oppenheimiana is distinguished by its large, oval, deep green leaves, decorated with magnificent silver and purple patterns. Each leaf is a true work of art, creating a striking and captivating contrast.

This plant is also appreciated for its ease of maintenance. It easily adapts to different light levels, making it an ideal choice for indoor spaces. Additionally, Ctenanthe Oppenheimiana is resistant to disease and pests, making it a robust and durable plant.

With a height of 100 cm and a diameter of 24Ø, this plant is a real decorative element that will bring a touch of nature and freshness to your interior. Whether in your living room, office or bedroom, the Ctenanthe Oppenheimiana will be the center of attention in your space.

Treat yourself to this botanical wonder and let yourself be seduced by the beauty and elegance of Ctenanthe Oppenheimiana. Order now and transform your interior into a true haven of peace and serenity.


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