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Pretty bouquet

The Joli bouquet is a unique gift, carefully composed of three...

Price 25,000 FCFA

The Rose

The Rose is a bouquet of love composed of a carefully chosen...

Price 8,260 FCFA


Bouquet of flowers composed of lilies, chrysanthemums,...

Price 35,400 FCFA

The joy of flowers

Discover The Joy of Flowers, a magnificent fresh bouquet...

Price 39,648 FCFA

The Valentine

The Valentine bouquet is a perfect symbol of love and passion....

Price 42,480 FCFA


The Love at first sight bouquet is the ideal gift to capture...

Price 70,800 FCFA

Lily White

The Lili White bouquet is the perfect gift to express your...

Price 60,180 FCFA

Love Box

The Love Box is a heart-shaped box containing around twenty...

Price 106,200 FCFA


The BBOX bouquet is an explosion of color and freshness,...

Price 84,960 FCFA


Pretty bouquet of brightly colored seasonal flowers.

Price 67,968 FCFA