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The BBOX bouquet is an explosion of color and freshness, composed with care. White and pink roses bring delicacy and romance, green santini brings freshness and vitality, brassica brings an artistic and original dimension, and genista brings lightness and luminosity. Everything is presented in an elegant white box, making this bouquet an ideal gift for all occasions.

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Discover the magnificent BBOX bouquet, a true explosion of color and freshness that will charm all the senses. Carefully composed, this bouquet is a true ode to the beauty of nature.

White and pink roses, timeless symbols of love and purity, bring a touch of delicacy and romance to this bouquet. Their captivating scent will perfume your interior, creating a soft and soothing atmosphere.

The green santini, with its small, bright flowers, adds a note of freshness and vitality to the whole. Its bright and vibrant color brings a touch of dynamism and modernity, making this bouquet a true floral masterpiece.

Brassica, with its textured leaves and soft hues, brings an artistic and original dimension to this bouquet. Its unique and elegant presence gives it a place of choice in this floral arrangement.

Finally, the genista, with its small delicate pink flowers, completes this bouquet by giving it a touch of lightness and luminosity. Its airy appearance and sunny color evoke joy and cheerfulness, making this bouquet a real ray of sunshine.

All these flowers are skillfully placed in a beautiful white case, highlighting their natural beauty and allowing them to blossom fully. This box brings a touch of elegance and refinement, making this bouquet an ideal gift for all occasions.

Offer the BBOX bouquet and let yourself be transported by its captivating beauty. Whether to express your love, celebrate a special occasion or simply please a loved one, this bouquet will meet all expectations and amaze hearts.

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