Intense Red

Intense Red

120,000 FCFA

The Rouge Intense product is a captivating bouquet composed of red roses, red gerberas, and red hypericum. Each flower has been carefully selected to convey deep feelings. A Love pick enhances this bouquet, reminding of strong and true love. Offer the Rouge Intense to declare your eternal love.

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"The Intense Red product is the very essence of passion and burning love. Carefully composed, this captivating bouquet is specially designed to conquer the heart of your beloved. The red roses, timeless symbols of love, harmoniously blend with the red gerberas, evoking the burning flame that burns in your heart. The red hypericum, delicately placed in a black case, adds a touch of mystery and sophistication to this enchanting bouquet. Each flower has been carefully selected to convey your deepest and most sincere feelings.

To top it all off, a Love pick enhances this bouquet, reminding your beloved of how strong and true your love is. Offering the Intense Red is offering a true symbol of love and devotion, a passionate declaration that will touch the heart of the recipient. Let yourself be carried away by the power of this Intense Red bouquet and let it be the messenger of your eternal love."

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