Big Love

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The Big Love bouquet is the ideal gift to conquer the heart of your loved one. Carefully composed in a red heart-shaped case, it symbolizes love and passion. Red roses represent the intensity of your feelings, while baby's breath evokes the purity of your love. A pic with the message "I LOVE YOU" adds a romantic touch. Offer this bouquet to express all your love.

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The Big Love product is the perfect bouquet to conquer the heart of your loved one. Carefully composed in a heart-shaped red box, it embodies love and passion. Red roses, arranged high, create an impression of grandeur and symbolize the intensity of your feelings. The gypsophila, for their part, are delicately arranged lower, covering the screen with snow white, evoking the purity of your love. To add a romantic touch, a pic bearing the message “I LOVE YOU” enhances this composition. Offer the Big Love bouquet and let your heart speak to express all the love you feel.

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